“Yum! I had just recently come back to chai, realizing/remembering how warming, comforting and fun it can be to drink alone or share with another. And then I found the remnants of a bag of Chai Wallahs of Maine, I had bought at the MOFGA fair in Maine, in my pantry and I got to experience an even better taste than what I had been drinking! I then promptly ordered a 1lb bag and made chai for my entire family over Thanksgiving, to lots of surprised oohs and ahhs. I have since ordered even more and am now going to give it as Christmas presents. Thanks for being such a sweet part of my day.”

Bonny Branch, Roanoke, Virginia

“Chai tea is my “go to” food for comfort. I make a point of trying chai tea wherever it is sold or served during my travels and where I live. Of the “hundreds” of chais that I have tasted over the years around the US, my most favorite is the chai tea from Chai Wallahs of Maine. It has a wonderful combination of spices – so good that I do not even add sweetener or latte, though it is tasty with them as well! I held a Chai Tasting event with coworkers and the all around winner was the Chai from Chai Wallahs of Maine.”

Nancy Stivers, Columbia, Maryland

“As one who lived in Pakistan for five years, enjoying a steady diet of chai, often from the hands of real live chai-wallahs, a sip of your unexpectedly authentic masala chai flipped me back at once into those narrow streets of the old city and the wallahs who stirred their great vats of chai…it must be an act of great spirit to provide this experience to many who have no idea of the full dimension of your remarkable tea. Good on you! And thank you for your wondrous absolutely pukka (proper) chai.”

Leslie Trainer, Kennebunk, Maine

“Chai Wallahs of Maine is spicy, bold and bracing, not to mention delicious. It is a perfect way to start the day or as an afternoon pick me up in the best tradition of Tea, prepared with warm milk and honey. It is also great to pack for a treat when away from home. The directions are for two, easily drunk by one, but the sentiment of sharing is a charming philosophy. Highly recommended as by far one of the best chai’s you will ever taste.”

Angela Silsby, Boulder, Colorado

“I loved finding Chai Wallahs of Maine chai way back in 2012. A very good creamy-cardamom-ginger-honey spicy cup of this chai plus an equally good book have been pretty constant morning companions for me in the last few years. And there’s a whole slew of visitors who’ve loved me whipping up a cup for them–book club members, knitters, farmers, librarians, kayakers, my wonderful sister-in-law–so it’s a been a big, steamy, delicious key to some wonderful visits in my kitchen, and my own personal morning ritual. Thanks, Chai Wallahs of Maine.”

A Librarian, Portland, Maine

“Imagine walking up to a colorful and lively booth in the food area of the Common Ground Fair and instantly being greeted by friendly folks who hand you a steaming mug of earthy sweet chai tea. Your lips smile and your belly warms while you take small sips and engage in friendly conversation about good food and local community. This is the image I see in my mind every time I make a mug of Chai Wallahs of Maine tea at home. Experience it for yourself and join the Chai Wallahs of Maine family!”

Clara Coleman, Four-Season Farming Consultant, Portland, ME

“Boxed chai latte mixes sold at many cafes do not hold a candle to chai made from quality ground whole spices. Chai Wallahs of Maine provides a fresh, spicy, delicious and balanced cup of real masala chai goodness. The ultimate pick me up and comfort in a cup.”

Cada May, Portland, Maine

“I have been drinking Assam Black Tea Chai, from Chai Wallahs of Maine, for over a year now. I have doctored up the recipe and use unsweetened coconut milk and stevia rather than cow’s milk and honey, and I find it absolutely delicious. I cannot think of a better way to start the day than with a cup or two of delicious Chai, and the blend from Chai Wallahs is phenomenal! As long as they keep making it, I will keep buying it!”

Lisa Lemieux, Portland, Maine

“I enjoyed my first pot of chai made with the tea I received from you last week. It is excellent! It brought back fond memories of the chai I enjoyed during a weeklong trip to India several years ago.

I’ve been drinking tea for more than a decade. About a year ago I switched to making my own (using a crockpot recipe I found online) after the commercially available liquid mixtures became too sweet. A holiday gift of loose leaf chai tea mix prompted me to look online at options. That led me to a 2016 Bon Appetit article (The Best Chai You Can Buy). After comparing recommendations and prices, I decided to give Chai Wallahs of Maine a try and ordered an 8 oz package. Consider me a convert! Thank you for making a great product.”

Anne-Marie Lubenau, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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